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It's really pretty easy to make pdf's available via the Gadget. 1st you upload the pdf into the doc library. Then you create a content article. Then you type in a bunch of text and some designate a place to download the pdf as part of the web page, much like the following.

To download the a word doc, click here. Then you highlight the text, click the hyperlink button in the icon list above and create a link to document, select the document5 from the pulldown menu and voila!

I Love It! My new ride rocks...
I Love my new car from Firefly Motors. My car buying experience has made me an eternal customer of Firefly. It didn't even feel like I was buying a car. It just felt like I was hanging out with my buds.
Thanks Firefly

The New 5 Series

It's the sleek new silver 5 Series that'll put an end to the dull days of driving. Nothing has handled like this dream car, and possibly, nothing else ever will! Check it out!

Check it Out!